Music Monday

Since I went to a music gig locally on Friday and I still have 5 minutes (I know it’s half past now, I had trouble with the videos) until it’s technically Tuesday, I thought I’d quickly put up a music Monday where I will show you the music I’m currently listening to.

Due to the gig on Friday for Clean Cut Kid and Fickle Friends, it’s safe to say that for the build up and aftermath I have spent a lot of time listening to both of them. For me though Clean Cut Kid are really the sort of music I enjoy listening to with a whole new level of uniqueness. My favourite song by them is Vitamin C (I’ll link it below). They are such an energetic band that are so obviously loving every moment at the minute, so definitely check them out!

Also check out Fickle Friends. They’re a Brighton band that have been around for a few years and are really starting to hit it big now. Definitely worth a listen! Both of these are indie bands and both are up and coming, so keep an eye out for them!


Keep an eye out for my review of the gig and interviews with both bands, still to come!


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