Gig Review: Fickle Friends and Clean Cut Kid

Fickle Friends and Clean Cut Kid are both bands that, through their hard work and perseverance over the years, have started to make it big in the music industry. With plays across national stations, acknowledgement on the BBC introducing list and gigs at festivals including Reading and Leeds, both bands are living their dream.

Now I‘ll admit, I had heard of both bands vaguely but hadn’t really started listening to their music until this opportunity arose, so I went along to see them perform at an intimate gig in Joiners, Southampton. It’s safe to say I’m converted. Fickle Friends and Clean Cut Kid are both unique bands that are so enthusiastic about their music that their energy becomes infectious and you can’t help but sing and dance along too.

Howland, an up and coming band of three from Brighton, kicked off the show with their indie rock ‘n’ roll style, riling up the crowd ready for the bands to follow. Playing some new music and one song that they’d written that day (!) they set the atmosphere for the evening, building up to Clean Cut Kid and the Fickle Friends.


Clean Cut Kid rocked the stage, performing not only their favourites, including Vitamin C (a definite crowd-pleaser) and Make Believe, but also their newest single Pick Me Up. It is obvious in every song and throughout their set how much they love performing and how aware they are that they are living the dream! This band you MUST see live, even if you aren’t into indie music, you’ll love the atmosphere and their tunes.


Fickle Friends opened with Say No More and received the reception they were looking for when Nattie, lead vocalist, said it was the ‘rowdiest start to a show so far this tour’! (Southampton, memorable as always). Their energy on stage made their performance phenomenal as they got their audience dancing and singing with them. Unfortunately, they experienced technical difficulties with cables whilst on stage and I feel this may have slightly affected their performance, even though it was out of their hands and nothing to be done about it. However, they kept it together and after a short pause whilst there was an attempt to fix it, they continued regardless. This didn’t affect the atmosphere much as the crowd continued to have a conversation with Nattie on stage, during this unexpected interval.


Fickle Friends and Clean Cut Kid are a musical match made in Heaven, excuse the cliché! The Daft Punk-like style and ball of energy that are Fickle Friends contrasts, yet compliments the enthusiasm and sheer tunes that make up Clean Cut Kid.

*All photos were taken by Jess Glendenning*


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