Gig Review: James Morrison and Kelvin Jones

James Morrison and Kelvin Jones are currently touring the UK, stopping at Southend, Bristol and Birmingham, among a few places and Thursday night I was lucky enough to interview Kelvin Jones pre-gig and see them both perform in the O2 Guildhall. James Morrison has been around for 10 years now and after a brief hiatus from music to settle down and start a family he’s back with a brand new album, Higher Than Here, and tour the UK. His current supporting act is Kelvin Jones, an up and coming pop and blues singer who’s inspirational story of progression makes him an artist to watch out for!

Kelvin Jones kicked off the evening with some of his own music, including his new single, Call You Home, and other songs of his new album, Stop The Moment. He also did a cover and mash-up of Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd and Shine by Years and Years. His acoustic tunes and blues vibes created a chilled out atmosphere before he finished his set with wild solo. Fast guitar riffs and highly emotive singing ensured the crowd that Kelvin wasn’t leaving quietly and he definitely gave everyone an experience to remember him by.

James Morrison rocked the stage, showing that performing was like riding a bicycle to him and that he hadn’t forgotten how to give his fans exactly what they wanted from a live performance. He played some of his classic tunes from 10 years ago, including You Give Me Something and Wonderful World, but followed them up quickly with his new and highly popular singles, Demons and Stay Like This. The crowd loved it, singing louder than James himself half the time! The screaming, although slightly deafening, showed the crowds exuberance and the love that Morrison’s fans still hold for him, even after the few years break. With their support his new album is bound to be popular!

Overall, a good night was had by all and I’d definitely go see James Morrison and Kelvin Jones live again. The acoustic tunes and rhythms of Kelvin’s slower more emotive songs contrasted and complimented James’ more rock-y approach in his new songs and the more pop vibes in his earlier songs. Both are a definite must-see!


Stories That Affected My Childhood

Since it was World Book Day last week I thought I’d do a more adult version of dressing up as my favourite book character and reminisce over all the books that made my childhood what it was. (Having said that it’s safe to say that my go to costume would probably be Alice In Wonderland, you’ve got to love that Alice band!)


Matilda was a huge novel in my development. As a child I loved to read and, although my parents encouraged me to read as much and as often as I could, you still get looked at a bit funny by your fellow peers or considered the class nerd. Matilda taught me that that didn’t matter. Through books you can not only advance your intellect but you can escape from any troubles you have. I didn’t have many troubles as a child, but the opportunity to leave your life behind and experience someone else’s for a couple of hours always appealed to me! I also believe Matilda helped me develop my sass, the fact that I could recite paragraphs of her sassy comments definitely helped get out of sticky situations! 


This one, similarly to Matilda, is also written by Roald Dahl. To me this guy is a literary giant, pardon the pun, and will hopefully always be remembered for his amazing ability to write children’s books as well as his adult fiction. The BFG is one of those books that just sticks with you once you’ve read it. I remember as a child peering through a crack in my curtains, sinilarly to how Sophie does, at when I believed witching hour was (it was probably actually about 10 o’clock, but I was being rebellious so I didn’t care) and keeping an eye out for the BFG, hoping he was going to send some good dreams my way. It’s one of those fictional stories that just uplifts a child and encourages them to believe there’s a whole other world out there!

Wind In The Willows

This and all the others that followed are classics. I have to admit though, every time after I read the first chapter I had to stop and spring clean my room because I became so motivated to clean by Mole. I also used to believe that all animals could talk after that and just chose not too. My parents just played along, of course.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Also known as Narnia, this is a more contemporary novel, but none the less the characters are strong, powerful and independent and very much encouraged me to be the same. The kids in this novel inspired me to be creative and create my own world, but also explore the one that already exists. A wardrobe at home did get broken in the process though (Matilda’s sassy comments got me out of it)!


The Mog stories had to be one of my all time favourites; Mog the Forgetful Cat, Mog In The Dark, Mog’s Bad Thing, they all provided with me with so much happiness as a child. Growing up I was surrounded by pets, big dogs, cats and rabbits, and this book seemed to allow me to see the world through my pets eyes. I used to try and reward my cats with boiled eggs, much to my Mum’s disapproval, and make them wear medals. Understandably, they weren’t especially keen on the idea, but they liked the attention so they put up with it.

Beatrix Potter

A classic children’s author has to finish this, and this lady definitely fits the bill! She has inspired so many generations of children to read and see the good in so many things, whilst teaching them manners and to do what you’re told at the same time. Her short stories will hopefully remain timeless and inspire many more generations to come!

Inspirational Women for Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s day so I thought I’d do a run through of the top 3 inspirational women who have inspired me to be the best I can! 

1) J.K Rowling

Okay, so loads of people will say this lady is inspirational and she truly is. You’d be surprised how few people know the backstory to Rowling and the obstacles she encountered on her path to fame and fortune. By the time the first Harry Potter book was published, J K Rowling had been divorced once and was juggling being a single mum along with being an author. Now if that’s not inspirational enough for you, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was rejected by many publishing companies (12 to be precise) before finally being accepted by Bloomsbury . J K Rowling’s perserverance and true grit is a life lesson to anyone who needs motivation; maybe that one last try is the one that will be successful, so always keep trying!

2) Women In PR

This second one is an organisation instead of a specific person, but Women In PR is an organisation that aids (yeah, you guessed it) women in PR and it does this by mentoring them to help them get the best out of themselves, inviting them to networking events and fighting for equality within the work place. Although this organisation mainly targets senior to mid-career women, I feel the causes they are pushing for and are raising awareness will affect the future of my career and every other PR student and graduate. As a result, I think this organisation is truly inspirational, encouraging us to see that through numbers we can achieve more!

3) My Mum

Yes I know, it sounds cliche and cheesy, but it’s true. My mum is the main inspiration in my life. She inspires me to try new things, to push myself that little bit harder and to always believe in myself. Throughout my a-levels and GCSEs I struggled badly with exam anxiety and panic attacks and as a result, even though I worked incredibly hard for them and knew the stuff, I never performed to my try capability. However my mum worked through it with me. She herself struggled occasionally and said she wasn’t as happy as she could be with her university grade, but regardless she has become successful in her field of pharmaceuticals. She is head-hunted by other companies, she is respected by her colleagues but most of all she is doing something she loves and is passionate about. She is successful in her field not only because she’s intelligent and hardworking but because what she does is really important to her and I hope I can find that some day!

Finally, I wanted to remind you all of the PR campaign ‘This Girl Can’, a powerful campaign that aimed to inspire girls in their chosen sports and reduce the gender gap when it came to inequality in sports. By inspiring younger girls to try a new sport and pursue it as far as they possibly can they empowered them and provided them with a whole new confidence. It showed through short videos examples of girls who struggled with certain sports due to bad coordination or balance and taught them that that wasn’t the end of the world, there are still plenty of other sports out there that might be more your cup of tea. They have now joined forces with Sport Relief to raise further awareness and continue to be successful!

So stay inspired! Find those people that encourage you to be the best you can be. Even if you just follow them on Twitter, seeing their achievements and hard work might just make you work that little bit harder yourself. And always remember:

This Girl Can! 💪🏼

Music Monday

Considering my last Music Monday post was about two bands I had only just been introduced to, this week I decided to do a throwback to a few years ago, to two bands which really inspired me.

The first one is We Are The Ocean. Now this band, when I first heard them, were really beginning to improve their following and I immediately took a liking to their music. Since then they have played at god knows how many festivals, were on the BBC playlist with their album Go Now and Live. They have now had a change in vocals, but their old music is still around and as amazing as ever. Check out my favourite Young Heart here:

The other band that I obsessed over a few years ago was Young Guns. I physically cannot express my love for this band enough. Their melodies, their lyrics, their music videos, it will all give you the tingles. So definitely go check them out! It was difficult for me to choose my favourite song by them so I’ll link one, but take a look at Crystal Clear, Bones and Weight of the World.

Planning Success

We all hear that phrase:

Well, it’s true.

Many people see obstacles between themselves and their dreams that don’t really exist. It’s their negativity and possible reluctance to move forward that is preventing them from achieving their dreams and the success that nearly everyone craves for. It’s understandable. I do it, the same as pretty much everyone else out there. With the constantly changing environment and economy that we live in it can be terrifying to take that risk and leap towards our dreams, but until you start seeing your dreams as possible and look for your own success, chances are, you’re getting nowhere closer.

Planning out what you want to achieve and what you’d consider success is often the first starter. You need to know what you’re working for, after all. So whether that’s owning a yacht, like my room-mate, or having your dream career in your dream company like my course mate, knowing where you want to end up is key.

Next, it’s a good plan to research it. Knowing how much your dream yacht is going to cost or getting in contact with someone who has your dream job and asking how they got there can be confidence boosters, as well as inspiration. It can also tell you if your dream is realistic and achievable!

Get your motivation! Whether it’s pictures of your dream yacht tacked to your wall or set as your screen saver, or even following your dream job position on social media to keep up to date with what they’re working on, it can all be motivation and inspiration to keep you working to achieve your dream. 

Finally, every little helps. It may not seem like a lot but starting to save spare pennies in a jar labelled yacht or applying for work experience that is relevant to your dream job (even if it’s a week) are both ways of taking the first small steps to making your dream come true and achieving your success. Why not start now? Procrastinating and saying you’ll get there in the end is a prime way of avoiding the task of beginning to chase your dream and often is the main cause that people don’t achieve them. So start now and maybe you’ll achieve your success and fulfill your dream sooner than you think!