Planning Success

We all hear that phrase:

Well, it’s true.

Many people see obstacles between themselves and their dreams that don’t really exist. It’s their negativity and possible reluctance to move forward that is preventing them from achieving their dreams and the success that nearly everyone craves for. It’s understandable. I do it, the same as pretty much everyone else out there. With the constantly changing environment and economy that we live in it can be terrifying to take that risk and leap towards our dreams, but until you start seeing your dreams as possible and look for your own success, chances are, you’re getting nowhere closer.

Planning out what you want to achieve and what you’d consider success is often the first starter. You need to know what you’re working for, after all. So whether that’s owning a yacht, like my room-mate, or having your dream career in your dream company like my course mate, knowing where you want to end up is key.

Next, it’s a good plan to research it. Knowing how much your dream yacht is going to cost or getting in contact with someone who has your dream job and asking how they got there can be confidence boosters, as well as inspiration. It can also tell you if your dream is realistic and achievable!

Get your motivation! Whether it’s pictures of your dream yacht tacked to your wall or set as your screen saver, or even following your dream job position on social media to keep up to date with what they’re working on, it can all be motivation and inspiration to keep you working to achieve your dream. 

Finally, every little helps. It may not seem like a lot but starting to save spare pennies in a jar labelled yacht or applying for work experience that is relevant to your dream job (even if it’s a week) are both ways of taking the first small steps to making your dream come true and achieving your success. Why not start now? Procrastinating and saying you’ll get there in the end is a prime way of avoiding the task of beginning to chase your dream and often is the main cause that people don’t achieve them. So start now and maybe you’ll achieve your success and fulfill your dream sooner than you think!


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