Inspirational Women for Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s day so I thought I’d do a run through of the top 3 inspirational women who have inspired me to be the best I can! 

1) J.K Rowling

Okay, so loads of people will say this lady is inspirational and she truly is. You’d be surprised how few people know the backstory to Rowling and the obstacles she encountered on her path to fame and fortune. By the time the first Harry Potter book was published, J K Rowling had been divorced once and was juggling being a single mum along with being an author. Now if that’s not inspirational enough for you, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was rejected by many publishing companies (12 to be precise) before finally being accepted by Bloomsbury . J K Rowling’s perserverance and true grit is a life lesson to anyone who needs motivation; maybe that one last try is the one that will be successful, so always keep trying!

2) Women In PR

This second one is an organisation instead of a specific person, but Women In PR is an organisation that aids (yeah, you guessed it) women in PR and it does this by mentoring them to help them get the best out of themselves, inviting them to networking events and fighting for equality within the work place. Although this organisation mainly targets senior to mid-career women, I feel the causes they are pushing for and are raising awareness will affect the future of my career and every other PR student and graduate. As a result, I think this organisation is truly inspirational, encouraging us to see that through numbers we can achieve more!

3) My Mum

Yes I know, it sounds cliche and cheesy, but it’s true. My mum is the main inspiration in my life. She inspires me to try new things, to push myself that little bit harder and to always believe in myself. Throughout my a-levels and GCSEs I struggled badly with exam anxiety and panic attacks and as a result, even though I worked incredibly hard for them and knew the stuff, I never performed to my try capability. However my mum worked through it with me. She herself struggled occasionally and said she wasn’t as happy as she could be with her university grade, but regardless she has become successful in her field of pharmaceuticals. She is head-hunted by other companies, she is respected by her colleagues but most of all she is doing something she loves and is passionate about. She is successful in her field not only because she’s intelligent and hardworking but because what she does is really important to her and I hope I can find that some day!

Finally, I wanted to remind you all of the PR campaign ‘This Girl Can’, a powerful campaign that aimed to inspire girls in their chosen sports and reduce the gender gap when it came to inequality in sports. By inspiring younger girls to try a new sport and pursue it as far as they possibly can they empowered them and provided them with a whole new confidence. It showed through short videos examples of girls who struggled with certain sports due to bad coordination or balance and taught them that that wasn’t the end of the world, there are still plenty of other sports out there that might be more your cup of tea. They have now joined forces with Sport Relief to raise further awareness and continue to be successful!

So stay inspired! Find those people that encourage you to be the best you can be. Even if you just follow them on Twitter, seeing their achievements and hard work might just make you work that little bit harder yourself. And always remember:

This Girl Can! 💪🏼


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