Gig Review: James Morrison and Kelvin Jones

James Morrison and Kelvin Jones are currently touring the UK, stopping at Southend, Bristol and Birmingham, among a few places and Thursday night I was lucky enough to interview Kelvin Jones pre-gig and see them both perform in the O2 Guildhall. James Morrison has been around for 10 years now and after a brief hiatus from music to settle down and start a family he’s back with a brand new album, Higher Than Here, and tour the UK. His current supporting act is Kelvin Jones, an up and coming pop and blues singer who’s inspirational story of progression makes him an artist to watch out for!

Kelvin Jones kicked off the evening with some of his own music, including his new single, Call You Home, and other songs of his new album, Stop The Moment. He also did a cover and mash-up of Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd and Shine by Years and Years. His acoustic tunes and blues vibes created a chilled out atmosphere before he finished his set with wild solo. Fast guitar riffs and highly emotive singing ensured the crowd that Kelvin wasn’t leaving quietly and he definitely gave everyone an experience to remember him by.

James Morrison rocked the stage, showing that performing was like riding a bicycle to him and that he hadn’t forgotten how to give his fans exactly what they wanted from a live performance. He played some of his classic tunes from 10 years ago, including You Give Me Something and Wonderful World, but followed them up quickly with his new and highly popular singles, Demons and Stay Like This. The crowd loved it, singing louder than James himself half the time! The screaming, although slightly deafening, showed the crowds exuberance and the love that Morrison’s fans still hold for him, even after the few years break. With their support his new album is bound to be popular!

Overall, a good night was had by all and I’d definitely go see James Morrison and Kelvin Jones live again. The acoustic tunes and rhythms of Kelvin’s slower more emotive songs contrasted and complimented James’ more rock-y approach in his new songs and the more pop vibes in his earlier songs. Both are a definite must-see!


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