Releasing the Professional Inside

It’s crazy how fast my time at university has flown, but it’s true, my time being a (relatively) carefree student is almost over and I have to learn to be a fully-fledged adult. It’s sink or swim and nothing makes that more apparent than realising that I have to start applying for graduate schemes and jobs now if not yesterday!

Luckily, I found a hugely useful resource that informed me of all the possible graduate schemes and internships around in the UK, as well as a couple that I was already aware of and had already applied to.

So, being the generous person I am, I thought I would share this with you to save you some of the leg work and make you are aware of the best opportunities out there. You’ll have to be quick about it though if you’re applying this year. Some of the top agencies, like Edelman, close their graduate schemes mid January, so get prepared and get submitting!

All of the grad schemes included in this compilation are for 2017, but if you’re looking for a years time these may be continuous and have 2018 schemes opening this time next year as well.

Get your thinking cap on, edit that CV (check out my other post on how to make your CV the one here: ) and goodluck!

May the odds be ever in your favour!


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