In a Bid To Be Different


I hope all you lovely lads and lasses have had a wonderful Christmas, full of food, laughter and excitement, and a very happy New Year, full of booze, company and resolutions!

This year I’ve decided to be a bit different. You know, break free, challenge the norm, etc, etc, etc. Instead of choosing a couple of resolutions at the beginning of 2017 that I desperately try to implement and inevitably succumb (I love that word) to at some point, I have decided to build up good habits as each month passes. I’ll do this by setting myself a goal for each month that focuses on one good practice I want to bring into my life and slowly as the months go by I’ll be practicing more and more good habits.

To throw in a bit of PR, I will be using SMART objectives to set goals and monitor my success. I’ll also have monthly updates on how the month has gone and what my next challenge will be. Some of these will include meditating for 5 minutes every day, read a book every week or write down 3 positive things for each day.

All of these habits aim to improve my lifestyle, make me feel more energised and generally more positive through giving myself some TLC, something I think we all could work on!

This month my aim is to be posting one blog post a week every Sunday by the end of January. Since beginning this blog last year I feel it’s drifted by the wayside when I became distracted with university and part-time work. So now I aim to revitalise it and become more active again.

Let’s see how this first good practice goes!

Onwards and upwards.


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