Stories That Affected My Childhood

Since it was World Book Day last week I thought I’d do a more adult version of dressing up as my favourite book character and reminisce over all the books that made my childhood what it was. (Having said that it’s safe to say that my go to costume would probably be Alice In Wonderland, you’ve got to love that Alice band!)


Matilda was a huge novel in my development. As a child I loved to read and, although my parents encouraged me to read as much and as often as I could, you still get looked at a bit funny by your fellow peers or considered the class nerd. Matilda taught me that that didn’t matter. Through books you can not only advance your intellect but you can escape from any troubles you have. I didn’t have many troubles as a child, but the opportunity to leave your life behind and experience someone else’s for a couple of hours always appealed to me! I also believe Matilda helped me develop my sass, the fact that I could recite paragraphs of her sassy comments definitely helped get out of sticky situations! 


This one, similarly to Matilda, is also written by Roald Dahl. To me this guy is a literary giant, pardon the pun, and will hopefully always be remembered for his amazing ability to write children’s books as well as his adult fiction. The BFG is one of those books that just sticks with you once you’ve read it. I remember as a child peering through a crack in my curtains, sinilarly to how Sophie does, at when I believed witching hour was (it was probably actually about 10 o’clock, but I was being rebellious so I didn’t care) and keeping an eye out for the BFG, hoping he was going to send some good dreams my way. It’s one of those fictional stories that just uplifts a child and encourages them to believe there’s a whole other world out there!

Wind In The Willows

This and all the others that followed are classics. I have to admit though, every time after I read the first chapter I had to stop and spring clean my room because I became so motivated to clean by Mole. I also used to believe that all animals could talk after that and just chose not too. My parents just played along, of course.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Also known as Narnia, this is a more contemporary novel, but none the less the characters are strong, powerful and independent and very much encouraged me to be the same. The kids in this novel inspired me to be creative and create my own world, but also explore the one that already exists. A wardrobe at home did get broken in the process though (Matilda’s sassy comments got me out of it)!


The Mog stories had to be one of my all time favourites; Mog the Forgetful Cat, Mog In The Dark, Mog’s Bad Thing, they all provided with me with so much happiness as a child. Growing up I was surrounded by pets, big dogs, cats and rabbits, and this book seemed to allow me to see the world through my pets eyes. I used to try and reward my cats with boiled eggs, much to my Mum’s disapproval, and make them wear medals. Understandably, they weren’t especially keen on the idea, but they liked the attention so they put up with it.

Beatrix Potter

A classic children’s author has to finish this, and this lady definitely fits the bill! She has inspired so many generations of children to read and see the good in so many things, whilst teaching them manners and to do what you’re told at the same time. Her short stories will hopefully remain timeless and inspire many more generations to come!